Unlock the power of your data

Spend more time finding innovative solutions to your biggest challenges -- less time manually collecting, cleaning, reporting and analyzing historical data.

Reduce unwanted downtime by instantly responding to problems at the bottleneck.

Raven Flight alerts and andon board helped component manufacturer Danaher improve OEE by 14% in 6 months delivering 10x ROI  by reducing time spent waiting for support.

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Meet on-time delivery with improved awareness of performance

Raven Flight add-on customizes loss reports and dashboards help global pharma manufacturer Sanofi increase output 3x in 6 months delivering 100x ROI by reducing shortstops and improving changeover performance.

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Keep your team engaged in your improvement journey

Raven Flight team dashboard and personalized Analytics help PCI Pharma Services exceed improvement and delivery targets unlocking $35M in new business by integrating real-time insights into their daily management process.

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Smart Manufacturing made easy.

Raven digitized proven management and analysis techniques including constraint analysis, financial conversion modelling, DMAIC and more to drive improvement at your operation.