Closing the loop from data to action is not easy but it's the only way actually to continuously improve with data.

Bad data will not fix itself. Use Raven's Continuous Improvement Platform to free your teams to spend more time solving problems and less time collecting, cleaning and reporting on historical data.

Raven delivers 16% OEE improvement for Danaher by reducing time time lost due to waiting

Raven Flight alerts, mobile analytics and team dashboard helped discrete component manufacturer Danaher reduced avoidable downtime by 1,500+ hrs per month improving OEE by 16% in 6 months delivering 24x ROI.

Case Study

Raven delivers 24% capacity increase for Sanofi by improving changeover speed

Raven Flight add-on customize loss reports and dashboards help global pharma manufacturer Sanofi increase output 2x in 6 months delivering 11x ROI by reducing shortstops and improving changeover performance.


Raven unlocks $35M in new sales for PCI Pharma by improving OEE 20% to meet aggressive delivery targets

The Raven platform was fully integrated into PCI's business process creating a high level of engagement organizationally. OEE improvement drove a $1.2M in labor savings in addition to the increase organic bid opportunities enabled by the high level of service. Labor savings alone delivered a 14X ROI in 12 months.


Raven chooses to partner with top global manufacturers that are seeking to achieve a culture of continuous improvement that delivers ever-improving results.