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Exceed production targets with continuous improvement actionable insights.

One source of trustworthy data.

Raven automatically collects and unifies your machines and operators data to understand what drives your performance, provide guidance and finds improvement opportunities.

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Stop systemic inefficiencies.

Raven focuses your attention on the right thing so you can take impactful actions and uncover and augment your continuous improvement journey.

Stop inefficiencies as they happen.

Raven’s real-time guidance strengthens your operations capabilities by delivering actionable alerts on machine consoles and mobile devices.

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Understanding Raven

Know the Facts

Raven Sense™ collects real-time performance data from your operators, machines, and processes like uptime, downtime, production rate, yield and much more.


Find New Insights

Raven draws insights from your operations by automatically analyzing data and uncovering unseen patterns for improvement opportunities.

Take the Right Action

Raven Flight™ guides your action by giving you real-time visibility of your performance, enabling you to get the right information at the right time and turn insights into action.


Primary Features

Real-time Data Monitoring

Establish one true source of data.

Timely guidance from insights

Take the right action at the right time.

Custom Performance Reports

Daily, weekly and monthly performance reports to track improvements.

Automated Data Analysis

Understand what drives your performance.

Overall Equipment Efficiency Monitoring

Continuously measure your productivity and exceed performance targets.

Changeover Management

Improve your changeover management abilities with data.

Go beyond data collection
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