Smart Manufacturing Designed for Action

Understand performance trends and anomalies in real-time.  Make informed decisions about which initiatives to start, stop or continue.  Engage your team with personalized feedback and empower them to take actions to improve.

Capture one source of trustworthy data

Collect and combine data to get an accurate accounting of how time is spent, including:

  • Uptime, counts and faults for shop floor assets
  • Downtime and support calls for operators
  • Standards, job information and schedule from your ERP
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Stop inefficiencies as they happen

Create a direct and clear connection between issues on the shop floor and your support team members. Fix problems quickly with accurate real-time insights.

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Choose projects that deliver results

Understand performance trends to uncover your biggest opportunities for improvement.  Make sure your projects are delivering the desired results.

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Learn how Raven can guide actions to improve at your plant.  Get started with a 90-day no risk pilot that gets set up in days not months

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Understanding Raven

Establish the facts

Raven Sense™  industrial tablets capture data from your machines and context from your operators.  The Raven Sense™ cloud platform connects to your ERP and cleans and maps data from all sources to create an accurate timeline of activities for your process.


Empower with Guidance

Raven Flight™ guides actions to address problems as they happen using team displays and mobile alerts.  Increased situational awareness and sensitivity to production losses elevates the importance of production losses organizationally.

Engage with Feedback

Raven Flight™ analytics and reporting provides personalized and actionable feedback to the entire production team, enabling them to maximize the impact of their efforts.  Custom report configurations integrate Raven data into your existing management processes

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Primary Features

Real-time Data Collection

Collect and aggregate data from your machines, people and ERP.

Real-time Guidance and Alerting

Clear and timely guidance from true insights to drive actions to improve.

Customized Reports and Dashboards

Configure custom reports and dashboards to integrate with existing management processes.

Automated Data Cleaning

Proprietary algorithms clean and map data from multiple sources to maximize data accuracy.

Overall Equipment Efficiency Monitoring

Continuously measure productivity and exceed performance targets.

Changeover Management

Improve changeover management abilities with data.

Smart Manufacturing made easy.

Improvement only happens when Continuous Improvement is a priority.  If that describes your organization we would love to learn more.