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Global manufacturers use Raven's platform to boost continuous improvement by guiding smarter actions from accurate insights in real-time.

Plant digitization done right.

Eliminate manual data collection and reporting tasks by automatically capturing and cleaning data from your machines, your people and your ERP. Establish one source of accurate and complete data to unite and align your organization.

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Better manufacturing through smarter actions.

Foster continuous improvement that delivers ever-increasing results. Empower your teams to improve with timely guidance from accurate insights. Engage them with personalized and actionable feedback.

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Data capture from multiple sources

Customized reports and dashboards

Real-time performance monitoring

Automated data

Raven Features

  • Capture, combine and clean data from your machines
  • Identify and categorize downtime
  • Obtain job information from your ERP
  • Highlight trends and anomalies in real-time
  • Support your teams in achieving their improvement goals
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Compatible with all processes

Manufacturers of all types are achieving new levels of performance never thought possible.

From fully automated automotive production lines to high mix/low volume fully manual processes in the food and beverage industry, Raven is unlocking the power of their data. 

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20% OEE improvement in 6 months!

Raven has allowed our team to focus on what’s most important rather than analyzing old data with Excel. We’ve improved output by 20% in 6 months.

Dave Martin
Plant Manager, Kavo Kerr

Like a digital process engineer!

Raven is like adding a process engineer and data scientist without additional human costs. It shows us what’s really happening so we focus on solving problems together.

Shannon Hudson
Plant Manager, Nobel Biocare

Eliminate top recurring downtimes!

We have seen a significant improvement of our OEE quickly after deploying Raven in our new packaging line, increasing OEE systematically by 3 to 4% every week! Raven enables us to action the issues right away and eliminate top recurring downtimes.

Lee Chen
Associate Director of Manufacturing Technology, Sanofi

Smart Manufacturing made easy.

Our 90-day no-risk pilot installs in days not months.